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Tokyo Presentations Published

On 26-27 August 2010, ICANN hosted its Asia/Pacific Regional Registry/Registrar Event in Tokyo, Japan.

ICANN’s primary goals in convening regional events are two-fold. First, they are a means, an educational opportunity, to discuss topics important to the effective operation of a gTLD registry or ICANN-accredited registrar. And second, to broaden participation in the ICANN multi-stakeholder governance model for registry and registrar staff who may not generally attend ICANN’s public meetings.


Planning for Kurds top level domain in Kurdish region

Ministry of communications and transportations planned to apply a new gTLD for Kurds. Aras Noori discussed this issue with Minster Mr. Anwar Jabali Shabo and managers of Ministry of communications and transportation, showing the road map and steps in the new gTLD Program of ICANN. Read more »

Reading ICANN’s gTLD Budget

Good News for Applicants – Antony Van Couvering

ICANN reveals that it expects just 5% of applications to fail the initial evaluations, and another 5% to request refunds prior to the end of the evaluation stage. This means that they’re intending to pass approximately 90% of the applications — in other words, ICANN’s intent is not to fail applications by finding trivial faults, but rather to simply make sure that they’re operationally and financially sound. That is excellent news.

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New gTLD Survey Shows That Many Intend to Apply, But That the Majority Are Undecided

In a recent survey of MarkMonitor‘s global corporate client base(A total of 95 respondents participated in the survey), nearly 22% of respondents stated that their companies are intending to apply for a new gTLD.

Twenty-three percent stated that their companies did not intend to apply for a new gTLD, while more than 55% still did not know which route they would eventually take. (more …)