A domain extension for the Kurdish people and Kurdish language has been a vision of many pioneering networking/scholarly communities such as ZKURD, KurdITgroup, KOSC , KAL, Kurdistanica and others. We with support of many Kurdish communities campaign for allocating .KU/.KUR/.KURD top domain names for Kurdish communities on cultural and linguistic as well as regional bases.

During 2008 we have observed all of ICANN’s Board Meetings, as well as meeting with division dealing with new gTLD Program at ICANN. We have liaised with organisations that are co-ordinating the applications for other generic TLDs. We have applied for a trade mark for .KU/.KUR/.KURD and are working on a business plan and presentations that will help us to build links with the key organisations whose support we believe is essential for a successful .KU/.KUR/.KURD application to ICANN.
We believe that .KU/.KUR/.KURD will be popular and successful, uniting and identifying everyone who cares about Kurds. We will be improving and updating this website and recording general support, suggestions and comments as we go along.
Meanwhile, if you have queries about .KU/.KUR/.KURD, please do not hesitate to contact us at: info(at)dotkurd dot org