40th International Public ICANN Meeting – 13-18 March 2011 – San Francisco / Silicon Valley

ICANN 40 | Silicon Valley | 13-18 March 2011

Silicon Valley is in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California in the United States. The region is home to many of the world’s largest technology companies including Apple, Cisco, Google, HP, Intel and Oracle.

ICANN meetings are an opportunity for members of the global Internet community to convene in one place, connect with one another and participate in the development of key policies that shape the Internet’s future. Among many other important functions, these meetings integrate new members into the ICANN community.

These 12 concerns as Valideus published:

  1. The objection procedures including the requirements for governments to pay fees (for example should the UK government pay a fee to try and stop a third party from registering .greatbritain?)
  2. Procedures for the review of sensitive strings (such as .koran);
  3. Root Zone Scaling (can 500 new gTLDs be added to the internet without risk?)
  4. Market and Economic Impacts (Is there any demand for new gTLDs?);
  5. Registry – Registrar Separation;
  6. Protection of Rights Owners and consumer protection issues;
  7. Post-delegation disputes with governments;
  8. Use and protection of geographical names;
  9. Legal recourse for applicants;
  10. Providing opportunities for all stakeholders including those from developing countries (who might not be able to afford the application fees);
  11. Requests for Law enforcement agencies for greater due diligence on applicants;
  12. The need for an early warning to applicants whether a proposed string would be considered controversial or to raise sensitivities (including geographical names).

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