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Planning for Kurds top level domain in Kurdish region

Ministry of communications and transportations planned to apply a new gTLD for Kurds. Aras Noori discussed this issue with Minster Mr. Anwar Jabali Shabo and managers of Ministry of communications and transportation, showing the road map and steps in the new gTLD Program of ICANN. Read more »

Kurdish cultural centre support a dotKurd project

The Kurdish cultural center in Nuremberg founded on 2008 by Kurdish migrants from Nuremberg. The Centre is a Kurdish House where the Kurds meet and continue to practice their culture.

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ShowTech program on KurdSat discussed TLD for Kurds

KurdSatIn a Phone call with Aras Noori, ShowTech programm on KurdSat TV disucced “TLD for Kurds”.

“It is obvious that the question of getting a TLD for Kurds comes up whenever a Kurdish individual enters a domain name with an extension of .de for Germany, .se for Sweden, .ir for Iran or any other extension. Read more »

Domain name for kurds a seminar in Center for kurdish culture

dotKurd will hold a seminar on Sunday the 30th of May, 2010.  The event will take place Nuremberg / Germany in the center of Kurdish culture. “Kurdische Kulturzentrum Nürnberg“.

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